Southwest Ada Little League

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 190044
Boise, ID 83719

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Team Staff

Wilson, Derek manager
  Warren, Garth manager
  McHugh, Patrick Manager
  Warren, Melissa coach
Mets Santiago, William manager 707-738-7863

Pirates Booker, Adrian manager 910-729-5706
  Porter, Colby Coach 208-899-9016
Cubs Kubena, Jamie manager
  Allumbaugh, Shaun coach

Giants Sommer, Jared manager
  FIzer, Chris coach

Marlins Olson, Kevin Manager
  Salladay, Garrett Coach
  Dennis, Jeremy Coach
  Kerbs, Mike Coach

Nationals Allen, Pat manager
  Stans, Eric coach

Rangers McCarney, Eric manager 2086082295
  Smith, Ryan coach 2088304079
  snelling, justin Coach 2088305393
  graves, Keegan Coach 208.860.1484

Twins Rutland, Randy manager
  Novosel, Brand Coach
  Hatfield, Dylan Coach
  Wattling, Cam Coach
Majors SB
Hot Shots Taylor, Jackie manager

Intensity Jackson, Jenny manager 208-914-5117
  Bowen, Cade coach

Pitch Perfect Clark, Julian manager
  Shake, Jodie coach
Minors SB
Explosion Johnson, Rex manager
  Giltzow, Tim coach

Thunderbolts Fiorini, Jacqueline manager
  Meduna, John coach

TNT Wilkens, Kelli manager
Badgers Wilson, Derek Manager
  Clark, Carl Assistant Coach

Cyclones Meimann, Andrew manager
  Davis, Neal Coach
  Rausch, Brian Coach

Forces Lanham, Michael manager
  Peterson, Sean coach

Green Monsters Wentz, Rusty manager
  Lowry, Kimball coach

Hawks Sullivan, Ryan manager

Night Furies Sheber, Damian manager

Orange Crush Lance, Luke manager

Sharks Dial, Carson manager

Volcanoes Brennan, James manager

Warriors McKinlay, Zac manager

Wolves Lee, Stephen manager (208)-571-1098
  Tomayer, Josh Coach
Rookie SB
Blue Devils Mcllhargey, Samantha manager
  Shewmaker, Terri Coach

Pink Sox Cole, Kelsea manager
  Garrett, James coach

Red Hots Baerlocher, Chris manager

White Diamonds MicKinlay, Nicolette manager
  Lott, Gina coach
T-Ball II
Cobras Meyer, Kevin manager

Gators De Yager, Shaun manager

Golden Falcons Yingling, Martin manager

Mud Cats Peterson, Sean manager

Rams Higgins, Zach manager 2088699240

Spartans Dietz, Tyson manager TLD467GMAIL.COM

Tree Sluggers Lemp, Erin manager

Wart Hogs Hampton, Mike manager
  Daigle, Brian Asst Coach
Angels McManus, Casey manager
Juniors SB
Lightning Rupp, Clint manager

Strikers Long, Ken Assistant coach
  Parker, Andrew Coach
  Coffin-Parker , Tasha Assistant Coach
T-Ball I
Ducks Bryan, Keith manager

Taters Smith, Porter manager
AAA Minors
Braves Marquardt, Bryan manager
  Lopez, AJ coach

Dodgers Andrews, Chris manager
  Bava, Brian coach

Royals Cole, Craig manager
  Naugle, Brian coach

Yankees Weaver, Ryan manager
A Minors
Diamondbacks Kendall, Clyde manager
  Dietz, Tyson coach

Indians Holloway, Dustin Manager 208 859-7916
  Bagley, Mark Coach
  Hatfield, Dylan Coach
  McHugh, Patrick Coach

Orioles Chilcoat, Stephen manager
  Moreno, Vince coach

Rockies Davis, Toby manager
  Kaehn, Loren coach
AA Minors
Blue Jays Stephenson, Damon manager 208-250-9638

Mariners Renak, Adam manager

Red Sox Deatherage, Brian manager
  Smith, Mike coach

Tigers Beale, Steve manager
  Burnham, Kevin coach
  Varley, Jeremy Coach

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