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SWAda LL Boundary Map


Southwest Ada LL Boundaries are as follows:

From I-84.
South on McDermott Rd to the Mora Canal.
East along the Mora Canal to Kuna Mora Rd.
East on Kuna Mora Rd to Pleasant Valley Rd.
North on Pleasant Valley Rd to Gowen Rd.
North on Gowen Rd to Victory Rd.
West on Victory Rd to Cole Rd.
South on Cole Rd to the New York Canal.
West along the New York Canal to Amity Rd.
West on Amity Rd to Maple Grove Rd.
North on Maple Grove Rd to Overland Rd.
West on Overland Rd to Five Mile Rd.
North on Five Mile Rd to I-84.
West on I-84 to McDermott Rd.

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